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Real Estate & Insurance Agent/Certification & Repairs

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Real Estate & Insurance Agent/Certification & Repairs

Our goal is the same as yours- We are here to help you maximize the return on your largest investment – Your HOME.


Due to the number of storms that occur in our market many lenders are requiring a roof certification prior to approval of a loan. Also roofing is a common item that comes up on the house inspection report so it is always.


We offer Free same day Roof Inspections and Certifications. If a roof replacement or repairs are necessary, the repair work is prioritized to meet your inspection and closing deadlines.


The Roof Inspection and Certification Process

With the blessing of the seller, we inspect the house’s complete roof system to determine its age, integrity and condition. The inspection includes the shingles, vents, chimneys, gutters, flashings, and dormers and even the attic.  In addition, the roof  system the inspector will also examine additional areas of the house that are common to have storm damage in our area including the painting, windows, garage, soffit (air intakes), facia and eves. This inspection can take between 30 minutes to an hour. We document what needs to be repaired and discuss the costs and best course of action with you.


If you are the Buyer of Property:

The replacement of a roof is costly and you could be responsible for the full cost of its replacement as insurance companies exclude preexisting conditions. They also look at the loss history and can deny a claim if there was a previous loss that was paid for and not repaired by the former owner.   So you want to make sure that you do your due diligence to make sure that the large investment that you are buying is free of installation flaws and free of weather related damage.


When we preform a roof inspection for you as the buyer and we notice damage that warrants a full replacement we assist in 2 ways:

  • Assist the current owner in filling a claim with their insurance company- we usually suggest splitting the deductible so it’s a win win for both parties (500$ for a new roof is a good deal for everyone). The current owner picks two or three roofing colors for you the buyer to make the final selection (this is incase the deal falls through).  At this time the buyer can also choose to upgrade to an impact resistant product so they can save money on their insurance.
  • The seller is unwilling to call in a claim or possible they previously filed and never had the work done. We will provide a bid that you can use to get a credit for when you take ownership. This way you can get the roof replaced at a later date without any out of pocket expenses.


If you are Selling your Property:

  • Find out if there is damage early on in the sales process- We don’t want the closing delayed or worse yet for a deal to fall through for an inspection item later in the process. If there is damage we have more time to get the roof approved through the insurance company or more time to schedule the proper repairs. We know that there are enough stressing in selling a house so we look to minimize any surprises and make the process a pain free as possible.
  • A new roof or a certified roof equals a higher selling price. Designer shingles can not only assist in giving your house greater curb appeal so it sells faster but GAF also states they increase your property value 10 to 15%.  Impact resistant shingles also increase the sales price as the new owners insurance premiums can be reduced by upwards of 30%.  Also if there is damage and repairs are necessary you might want to include those costs in your sales calculations earlier on in the process as you might choose to increase the cost due to a new or certified roof.


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Real Estate & Insurance Agent/Certification & Repairs

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